November 9, 2009

Indian Summer

Yesterday morning I walked out onto the porch and felt the air's lovely mildness. It was the beginning of an Indian summer day, which has continued today. The feeling of such warmth after cold frosty weeks is similar to that of stepping out of an airplane into southern humid heat, which you'd entered in northern winter chill: magical.

The climbing rose by the front door has a few small blooms alongside its burgundy-colored foliage; the yellow foliage of the honeysuckle alongside it is punctuated by some orange flowers. I spent a bit of time doing yardwork, edging the flower borders, a chore I thought would have to wait till spring. While out working, and walking, I couldn't help but notice the raking angle of the sun, casting long shadows even in early afternoon. Seeing this quality of light, I cannot mistake these mild days for anything but a brief reprieve in the advance of winter.

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