July 26, 2010

"Bulge" in Progress

I've been working away on Bulge, so thought I'd show a couple of images of it at this point (to see the dyed wool, click here). Hooking the strips of wool in a random pattern is fairly slow going; certainly the fastest process is hooking straight lines, horizontal or vertical. Here you can see that my method is to hook curling lines, going this way and that, then adding another line of wool, but trying not to be too repetitive, instead having the lines follow and then break away from a pattern. With this process I aim to create a surface that is lively and variegated, at the same time as being essentially flat in its visual effect. This could be seen as equivalent to an abstract painting with a painterly surface. Before beginning the project I thought the overall hooking might make the image appear flat, but for me, the piece does have a shallow sense of space; the warm yellow shape overlaps the red, implying depth, and both appear, because of their intense color, in front of the small cool blue.


  1. The loose edges remind me of bison legs from the cave paintings, galloping and cavorting through time. Fun!

  2. That's an amusing image, Kim. After reading your comment, I then got a flash of Charlie Chaplin's dancing dinner rolls in The Gold Rush.