February 28, 2011

Winter Light: Rounds

Although the landscape outside still looks like deepest winter, with a thick snow cover on the ground, the light is changing to that of early spring: longer days, brighter sun. This post, with photographs I shot a few weeks ago, will be the last of this series until next winter. This group began with the photo of the clementine and dish by Beth Mueller. I loved the repetition of shapes, curves of objects and shadows, contrasted with a black square.

So I set out to photograph other round objects. The intense deep blue vase creates a shadow color as strong as it is, while the rounds of vase and little table holes are bounded by straight lines of shadow.

The sparkle of sun passing through the base of a vase creates a burst of light in shadow.

Old tops, each a different shape, lie still on the tabletop, sparkling round patterns on a metal box behind them. The quiet of these winter afternoons will soon give way to the rapidly changing, exciting days of spring.


  1. I esp like the conversation between the first image of this post and your website icon!

  2. These photos show the beauty in darkness.

  3. rappel, I also enjoy those moments of images conversing at the top of the page.
    Lisa, when you wrote that comment, I thought of all the beautiful 16th and 17th century paintings with forms emerging from darkness.

  4. Winter light and rounds....your delightful creative mind at work...so enjoyable.

  5. I can feel your painter's eye, peaking through the camera lens. I love the discourse between the circles and the square format.

    And of course, the winter light. You are pushing me back to drawing from observation!