March 18, 2013

It's Still Wintry, but the Buds are Ready for Spring

After some mild weather last week, we've had a succession of cold days, temperatures below freezing, with mostly gray skies and snow flurries. Winter is insisting on staying around for a while, even promising us a big snow storm tomorrow. But this morning the sun shone, the temperature was close to 30º, and with no wind it felt balmy. So, I went out to see how spring was advancing despite the weather. Buds on trees and shrubs are enlarging, looking fat and promising, like the lilac buds above. 

The buds and stems of blueberries are a warm red.

A pointed gesture comes from a pale red Nannyberry bud.

In the woods I found red branches of last season's new growth with buds swelling.

Pointed spears of beech tree buds rise above dried leaves.

On a gray day the red haze of buds is becoming visible on some trees, like a warm halo.

The first flower of spring, snowdrops are making a valiant effort through ice and snow. They are letting me know that yes, spring will arrive, and the cycle of vegetative rebirth will begin again.


  1. Love em buds. They do make late winter tolerable.

    1. I agree, Lisa. With a snow storm here today, it's good to know that those buds are raring to go.

  2. Oh, I wonder about our snowdrops; what are they doing under this weight of snow? It's such a different photographic scene today. Bet you are out taking photos now.