July 28, 2015

A New Textile: "One Two Three"

One Two Three, hand dyed wool on linen; 3 panels, each 8 x 8 in. 

This piece has a very simple premise: work with the shapes created by one, two, and three lines on a square. Instead of using different colors to delineate the shapes, I cut the tops of the loops of wool to create an effect of low relief.

One Two Three detail

The adjoining shapes are hooked in different directions; the loops in this piece are vertical, the cut shapes are hooked horizontally. I used this pattern to create some unity in the three parts.

Panel 1

For the color, I used the same dye, in three different values.

Panel 2

An interesting quality of these acid dyes is that the hue often looks different with the value shift. One two three also describes the increasing density of color.

Panel 3

Each panel is weighted with a shape of high loops on the left, in order to create a balanced rhythm. This triptych is a simple idea that had some layered thought involved in its making.


  1. Very cool.
    Elemental geometry.

  2. Interesting. It is like looking at how grass grows in different directions. Love the colors.

  3. Thanks, all, so much; I'm glad you like this piece.