October 19, 2015

A Show of My Textiles

It is always wonderful to see your work on a wall outside your house and studio, where it takes on a life apart from its maker. I'm so pleased that my textiles are being featured in a solo show at David Hall Fine Art in Wellesley, MA, from Oct 16 - Nov 20. You can read the catalog essay and see images of work at the link. I was there on Saturday and took these not very good installation shots so as to give a sense of scale, since on this blog I usually show works individually. The image above shows the wall of the gallery facing the entrance, with one fully hooked work flanked by two hooked wool drawings.

The wall jogs out, where a four-part piece is hung, then three more on its continuation.

Here is the side wall.....

....then the wall opposite the first shown. Here there's a table with three on my book paintings on view.

2015 #12 is hanging above another table.

This wall is to the left as you enter, and the hooked wool drawing on the left, with its bouncing circles is in witty conversation with the bubbles of seltzer below.

This triptych from 2007, Primary Colors, is hanging to the right of the two hooked works in the photo above.

2012 #3 is hanging alone on a small wall.

And here is David, a wonderfully enthusiastic art lover. I am very grateful to him for being so supportive of my work. He's put together a mini retrospective of sorts: the piece on the left is the first art textile I made in 2006, and the work in the show spans the ten years I've been working with textiles. That first piece was inspired by having seen the show of Tantra Drawings at the Drawing Center in 2004-5. After making some rugs for my old house, I was poring through the catalog from that show and realized that rug hooking provided a perfect medium for my to explore abstraction. The medium has continued to be a rich one for me.


  1. Just WOW. How wonderful to see your work this way.

  2. These read so well! Glad you have this opportunity to "see" your work outside your "space." They look powerful & fantastic.