February 17, 2016

A New Textile: "Four Triangles"

Four Triangles, hand dyed wool on linen, 18 x 20 in.

Three equilateral triangles, sewn together at their corners, create a fourth triangle with their negative space. There's a complication thrown in by the gold arcs which break up the triangles and carry the eye around and about with their curving lines. When I put this piece together––I hooked and finished each triangle separately––I was surprised at how strong the negative space became: it insists on its importance; the clarity and simplicity of the empty rivals the tactility of the colored wool. 

Four Triangles detail

I followed the form for the hooking pattern: curving yellow and triangular green. The bulging edge at the center of each yellow shape comes from the hooking pattern as the small arcs press against that straight edge. The unplanned plays with the planned, and a piece emerges that is never quite what was expected.


  1. Very interesting Altoon. Isn't it fun when something nice happens when you don't expect it.

    1. It truly is, but only if the surprise is a pleasant one.

  2. Sacred-geometry yields to textile-pressure.
    Smiling compliments on the negative-space.
    The radiating lines in the green are especially nice.

  3. Oops.
    "Five Triangles"
    "I'm just sayin'", as they say.

    1. Thanks, JBS, I'm pleased that you like the piece.
      And yes, the entire piece is the fifth triangle.