May 17, 2016

A New Painting: "Hook"

Hook, egg tempera on calfskin parchment, 5 7/8 x 9 in.

A simple composition of horizontal and vertical rectangles is thrown for a loop with the addition of a curved form. I use that idiomatic expression deliberately, since the hook shape lets the mind wander into metaphor.

Hook detail


  1. It's like the perfect joke--surprising and satisfying....the color is as much part of that as the shapes

  2. Thanks so much, Mia and Janita.

  3. I was thinking about these works recently and it occurred to me that I see a parallel between Pearlstein's approach to the figure and your approach to mechanical sources- extremely compositional in focus but not escaping the connotations of the source imagery. I just saw that you studied alongside Pearlstein. Is my observation valid in your mind? Bogus? Either way, that's my perception....and I'm fairly psyched that Pearlstein came to mind before I saw that you crossed paths....made me feel slightly insightful!

    1. There's definitely a relationship, Jon. Pearlstein was an important mentor to me and his approach to representation––with its emphasis on its abstract composition––certainly influenced me.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, most of my images are of sunny days since I like the added compositional element of shadows.

  5. A teacup
    A listening ear
    Something I can hold onto