February 6, 2010

Winter Light: Green and Gray

It seems strange to me that I am in northern Vermont, enjoying what was a beautiful, bright and placid day, while in the mid Atlantic states there's a major snowstorm. The sun poured into the south facing rooms, warming me and my cat: me on the couch reading, Blinky on the kitchen floor next to the woodstove. The lawn has areas increasingly bare of snow. Oh, I wish some of that snow had made it up here!


  1. I wish we got some snow too. Who ever thought of having the winter oplympics in a rain forest? They are trucking in snow to Cypress Bowl . The games start in 5 days!

  2. oh, my, Susan, I hadn't thought of the Olympics (I'm not much of a follower of sports). The Olympic committee does seem to choose difficult sites, like Beijing, which had to make herculean efforts to clean their air before the games.

    Some snow flurries today, but not enough to amount to anything.

  3. Blinky looks very content Altoon!
    Which reminds me the name Blinky Bill was given to a very famous koala in a much loved children's book published here in 1933 - it actually dealt with conservation I just found out on wikipedia.
    I hope you get some more snow before winter is over.

  4. what fun to learn of another Blinky, Sophie. My Blinky is named after the German minimalist artist Blinky Palermo, who in turn named himself after an American gangster.