October 5, 2011

A Walk in the Woods: Jeweled Paths

There is a brief time, after leaves begin to fall and before they turn brown, when the ground beneath my feet is more brightly colored than the space above me. As I walk along, the balance of color changes, more red here, more yellow there, and in some areas, the browns of later fall spotted by a bits of color.

The golden warmth of the path beckons like a Yellow Brick Road under still green leaves. A delicate rustling sound accompanies me as I shuffle the dry leaves, and there is the very special scent of autumn in the woods. I feel as though I've walked into a kitchen – a cool one – where something unique is being prepared, using pungent spices, familiar from years past, but available only for a short while, and no place else.


  1. Ah yes that smell, it evokes the richness of change, life and death as leaves decay while fungi spring forth magically each day.

  2. I always enjoy strolling through the woods with you. Aaahhhh yes, I can smell the summer leftovers stewing and the fresh herbs of fall falling into the mix.

  3. thanks all for the comments, and the additional verbal images.