January 18, 2012

Winter Light: Folds

 The brilliant light of January sun has been rare this winter, but when it does appear, I go on a treasure hunt for images. This year my eye is drawn to austere compositions, emphasizing geometries, sometimes softened by a complexity of detail as in this piece of lace, whose folded circles are broken by patterns of light and dark.

A piece of brown paper draped over a table has a slice of light reminding me of an Ellsworth Kelly painting

The repeated forms of knitting and braiding catch light as would the elements of a landscape: the small rounds of hills or trees; the interlocking shapes of fields.


Light finds its way through textured cloth, the softness of its folds crossed by shadow.

Another kind of texture, a floured cloth that I use for baking bread, appears something like the surface variations of lichens seen in the woods: a bright curve against the darkness.

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  1. I used to think winter was so long, but I'm more patient with it now. These photos reveal the quiet rhythm and long light of the season as the day tries to stretch. It's in no hurry and won't be pushed, but still the weeks pass too quickly. What we think of as a harsh month, can be so subtle and soft.

  2. Thank you john, for your comment. I also am enjoying the short days of winter, the time to be indoors, a sense of quiet time, much more than I used to.

  3. The softness of winter light makes me feel all warm and cuddly.