June 18, 2012

New Hooked Wool Drawings

2012 #12, hand dyed wool and egg tempera on linen, 14 x 12 in.

These two new drawings use the surface very differently from the ones that have come before.  I have done a few which utilize the entire surface, two of which you can see here,

2012 #13, hand dyed wool and egg tempera on linen, 14 x 12 in. 

but in these new pieces the shapes and lines are pushing out, spreading across the picture plane, leaving less "background", flopping off the edges. They are making more noise. 

gouache studies for cardboard prints, ca. 8 x 9 in.

When I tried to figure out where the idea for these images came from (I'm often randomly doodling thumbnails as ideas for future textile work), I realized that I must have been influenced by the drawings I'd been doing as studies for cardboard prints. I love the way the different mediums I'm using are cross fertilizing each other. 

2012 #12, detail

2012 #13, detail

These two details enable you to see the paint on the linen surface and how it relates to the hooking. I don't try to make the paint opaque, but allow some of the linen to show through it, which I think works for the informal nature of these pieces. Now I have to start doodling with this compositional idea, because I like it.


  1. Push the flop and noise even more. Interesting close-up of paint on linen.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Julie. I'll certainly be thinking about that direction.

  2. how summery this is, like parasols, and i like the full framing...