January 6, 2015

A New Print: "Blue Frames"

Blue Frames, 2014, ink on Sekishu Natural paper; 2 panels, each 15 1/2 x 14 in.; image size 9 x 8 in.;
ed. 2

Have you ever had an initial idea about a work which you were sure was wrong, so you re-did it, but then the re-do was clearly off so you went back to your original thought? I don't believe this has happened to me before, but it did with this print, a diptych. I had originally planned it as a two-panel work, with the yellow panel on the left. I think that's what threw me off, because the weight of the red on the right (see below) was too heavy. When I saw the proof of the two panels, I thought "no, that doesn't work; the two plates have to be on one sheet". So I printed on one sheet, not realizing how placing the red on the right was a mistake of balance. I printed a whole edition of 5, which I ended up tossing when I decided that I didn't like it. I had to order new paper to reprint the edition, but somehow, because of my sloppy printing, ended up with only 3 good prints: one artist's proof and two in the edition. But at least I'm happy with the print as it is now; we hit and miss and sometimes hit again.


  1. You go Girl: good call! Love the new print. Thanks for detailing process : totally agree. How did the different paper effect the new version? What a difference a 2nd frame makes.

    1. Thanks, Julie.
      Both versions use the same paper.