February 16, 2015

A New Textile: "Two Ovals"

Two Ovals, hand dyed wool on linen, 12 1/2 x 14 in.

One of the things I like about the medium of rug hooking is the ease of working with shapes other than the usual rectangle. Two ovals: an oval contained within the rectangle has a different energy from one that has escaped.....or perhaps it's seeking its way back inside. 

Two Ovals detail

I chose to work with earth colors and black for this piece. I like the sumptuous dark of the black wool; it enriches the sienna and ocher with its contrast. I had to dye the wool twice for this piece: the first dyeing of all three colors came out too light. I never know exactly how the color will look until the wool is rinsed and dried, as it dries lighter than it looks in the dye pot. I'm glad I took the trouble for a re-do.


  1. Dying is preferable to having too-light-colors.
    Those eggs do not look over-easy.
    Again, great colors!

    1. Dying, JBS, or dyeing?
      I'm glad you like the color.