December 25, 2009

White World

This morning I woke to a pale white landscape, of branches covered with delicate frost. The soft haze made everything seem immaterial, untethered from the weight of reality.

It was likely an event caused by elevation, as the cold fog settled on trees and shrubs and froze. When I went for a ski in the woods below my house, the frost could only be seen at the very tops of the trees. Climbing the road to my home, I saw the white lacy branches everywhere, and they've persisted through the overcast day, creating a lovely accompaniment to the snow-covered ground.


  1. thank you; nature was beautifully saying "Happy Holidays".

  2. Altoon, I heard there was an incredible frost and was hoping you had captured it. Hurrah! Lovely shots! You're the best!

  3. Thanks so much, Maggie. I ran outdoors before breakfast to shoot the scene, but didn't have to hurry since the frost held all through the day.