December 21, 2009

Winter Sparkle

At times during the winter, huge icicles hang from the eaves of my house, crashing down with startling noise when the weather warms a bit. Looking out of the front south facing windows, I see the icy fingers catching the light in their corrugated surfaces, changing with the sun. I'm happy in knowing that the low-lying sun is about to begin its gradual rise into sky, and though winter will be with us for months more, the days will begin to brighten.


  1. We are dripping with icicles on both the north and south sides of our house. We have one more project to do which calls for attic access, so we can't put down insulation up there until we get it finished (still in the thinking stage). That's the reason we're getting icicles — the warm/cold clash of temps along the roofline. I love to look at them but am a bit panicky that we may get water in our ceiling from ice dams. It's been snowing here again today and it's forecast for the rest of the week. A white Christmas but not great weather for those who must travel. (The recipe below sounds wonderful — esp. with the cabbage).

  2. oh, my, Ms. Wis., now you make me worried about my own huge icicles (which came down today in the thin warmth of the sun). Though I imagine the nearly 190 years of my house's life has seem many many icicles, so I guess it's ok. At least I don't have any leaking along the edge of my ceiing. Ah, beauty...coming at a cost.

  3. No icicles on my house. But, I thought the snow from last week's storm would be on the ground all winter; we had 24". Amazing that this morning the snow is all gone.