August 23, 2010

"Five Plus Five" in Progress

I've completed one of the two panels for the diptych Five Plus Five (to see the study for the full piece, plus wool, click here). The colors of the squares move in graduated fashion from lighter to darker, with something of a strong jump to the final square; I hope that when finished, this doesn't seem too dark. I was looking at my darkest blue today and thinking I should overdye it a little darker in order to balance the green.

Below is a detail in which you can see the subtle shifts in color in the yellow background, and in value in the greens. The actual ruglet has more saturated color; blogger's photo uploads are very irregular: sometimes the color is too washed out, as here, and sometimes too dark, as in the photo of the wool for this piece, in the link above. We are all dependent on reproductions in so many aspects of our lives, so we can shrug, accept the limitations, and be pleased at the new audiences they allow; I do, I am.


  1. I like the gradations and contrasting regular/ irregular hookage - is that what you call it? (doesn't sound likely - hookery?) I look forward to seeing its partner along side it....

  2. rappel, it would be 'hooking', though I like hookage a lot. Women who hook rugs love calling themselves hookers.