August 1, 2010

One Year

A year ago today I launched "Studio and Garden". At the time, I thought of blogging as a way of having a presence on the web for my artwork––paintings and textiles––that was easy and free; I envisaged, from the beginning, the inclusion of posts on gardening (hence the title), but did not foresee how it would expand to: thoughts on art, literature, film; walks in the woods, where I discovered plants, mosses and lichens; recipes. Doing the writing and the photography for the blog have been revelatory: I find that I love the process of sifting and clarifying my thoughts in order to write them down, with, I hope, some hint of the lyrical; looking at things closely through the camera lens has enabled me to truly see many things I had never before noticed, deepening my daily pleasures. I have come to think of the blog as part of my art practice.

And this is wrapped in a generous package of communication, where I can, from my small hilltop farmhouse, talk with readers around the world. What a marvel is the internet! I so appreciate my readers: following my posts, commenting on them, teaching me so much on the way. Thank you all.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Altoon! You have given me so much beauty and thoughts to enjoy this past year. When I first found you blog I went back to the beginning to see it all.

    Just yesterday I was having lunch with two dear friends and I was telling them about you splendid blog. When I arrived home I sent them both links so they could enjoy you too.

    I may not comment much but I enjoy every new post you put up no matter what the subject. It always delivers a zone of sanity to my day.

    Thank you,

  2. Happy Anniversary! I don't get to read all your posts, but really enjoy them when I do. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork and environment.

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary Altoon! I've enjoyed it all, recipes and photography included, and thank you for all that you have been sharing.

  4. Altoon, Happy Anniversary to Studio and Garden, my favorite artist's blog. I'm so relieved your post doesn't say "well, I've done this for a year, time to go do something else"! I have gotten such pleasure out of reading your words and seeing what you look at, and how you make pictures. Not to mention all the natural history and the insightful comments of your readers. May you enjoy doing this for another year at least.

  5. Thank you, thank you Cronesense, Barbara, Mona and Susan. It's all kind of amazing for me that you and others enjoy what I'm doing. When we begin new projects, it's hard to know how they'll turn out, but this has been a satisfying experience. Who knows how long it will go on; now that the year has come around, will I repeat myself? have fewer interesting discoveries? We'll just have to see...

  6. Happy Blogoversary Altoon!
    Lovely the celebratory colours of the images you selected. That stood out from the blog roll picture box - I knew something was happening!
    I relate very much to the insights you share about the experience of blogging - the ideas one starts with and the unfolding form it takes... the way it becomes a scaffold for much, much more.
    As Susan said I am pleased to read also this is not you announcing its been lovely but....!
    For me to engage in the broadening possibilities of the blogosphere happens through the serendipity of finding bloggers of character and depth such as yourself Altoon - its an immensely diverse community through which one is always learning more of the world (in every respect).
    I also had no idea how profoundly suited it would be to one's art practice in so many ways...and especially the aspects I'd not have imagined.
    Best wishes for the next year - long may 'Studio and Garden' bloom and prosper!

  7. and from me, too: happy anniversary! I love the connection.

  8. Adding to the chorus...thank you Altoon. I also enjoyed your collage of images in some of my favorite bright summer colors. I would not worry about repeating yourself. It probably won't happen and if it does: you will perceive in a new way or have new readers or it will be a sign to you that something really engages your attention.

  9. Sophie, you are one of the people I was thinking of as "around the world". It's been great to get to know you and follow your thoughts online.

    I'm happy that you both are attentive readers, rappel and Julie. I suppose I shouldn't worry about repetition; after all, Thoreau continued with his very detailed journal year after year and it reads as always fresh.

  10. Honestly, reading your blog has become such a pleasurable and regular part of my day, I thought it had been longer than one year. Amazing! Please do NOT worry about repetition. Do not worry about anything like that, just keep writing. It is nourishing in so many ways.

  11. thank you, anon; okay, I won't worry, just keep on going as best I can, and hope to keep engaging my readers.

  12. Hard to believe it is a year; even harder to remember life without my almost daily visits to your studio and garden. Thanks for all your thoughts and images and, especially, your always informative and valuable art commentary.