November 19, 2010

A New Hooked Rug: "Resting"

Resting, hand-dyed wool on linen, 10 x 15 inches.

A variegated green field hovers above a pink form; I see the form as resting on the bottom edge, but I also can imagine it rising, pushing against the vertical lines of green. I wrote about my thoughts and process on beginning this piece here.

I enjoy seeing the color variation in the green, from a lighter warmer green against the pink to a cooler darker hue. The funny thing is that I used only one batch of dye, and the hue changed from warm to cool as I added more dye. I like the syncopated rhythm of the value change, and don't mind that the transitions aren't very smooth; I think they add some life to the serried ranks.


  1. it looks more like it's giving off heat than resting - pulsating - emanating - this could be read as a metaphysical / spiritual image if the title were more ambiguous.....

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  3. Whoops--Altoon, I misspelled your name in my 1rst comment. Anyway--I like the use of rug hooking to create form. The variegated aqua reminds me of those old bargello needlepoint patterns --wonderful with that pill pink ovoid form pushing up from the bottom. Did you ever see Harmony Hammond's rug work?

  4. rappel, I like your reading of the image. Titles can be a problem, as they can nudge interpretation. I guess I've been getting tired of neutral titles like "Pink Oval", but maybe neutrality is better in this case.

    hi Hannah, I'm pleased that you like my hooked rug work. Yes, I've seen Harmony Hammond's braided rugs; they are a nice take on the form.