November 3, 2010

November Light

We are beginning the months of few daylight hours, slanting light, crisp air. The band of pink light through pine trees last evening seemed a perfect illustration of this time of year, with the sun setting further south behind this row of trees, a bare glimpse of clear sky amid the gray of November, the birches white lines, glimmering.

This morning, another beautiful November display: rime ice softly glittering on dried grasses, a sea of fog settling below Blue Mountain, the rising light warm red to golden. Scenes such as these are a reason to be thankful for the changing of the seasons.


  1. I had to scrape my car windows yesterday morning when I went to vote. But nothing is quite as beautiful as this kind of frosty coating.

  2. the 2nd photo looks like you live at the edge of a desert. the magic of light and air!

  3. It was a special morning yesterday, more magical in its rarity: today we are back to the usual gray and rain of November.