January 20, 2011

A Harbinger of Spring: The Seed Order has Arrived!

Winter will not last forever, the snow will recede, the soil will warm and ready itself to accept seeds. There's nothing in mid-winter so forward looking and cheering as walking into the post office and being handed the box containing seeds for the spring and summer garden. Even Blinky the cat was excited about it, as he jumped up to smell the packages when I spread them out to photograph them. I don't want to make any of you guilty who haven't yet sent in their order; I always work on mine during Christmas week, a festive thing to do then. I like to start my onion and leek seeds very early, in late January to early February, so the seedlings are a good size when I put them in the garden in early May.

As you can see, I buy my seeds (sometimes I get a few from other companies also) from Fedco Seeds a cooperative company in Waterville, Maine. I highly recommend them: their prices are great, their plant descriptions accurate and very helpful, they specialize in varieties for northern gardens, and their customer service is wonderful. Rather than a big, glossy catalog, theirs is on newsprint and is full of antique illustrations. It makes me happy to buy from them.

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