February 17, 2011

Winter Greens

Today was a day of sheer heavenliness, a harbinger of spring, with deep blue sky and temperature up in the 4os. It was difficult to stay indoors, so I went out with my camera, took a snow shoe through the woods, and later sat on the porch, soaking up the sun. Thinking of coming spring means thinking about green growth, the fresh sparking greens of new shoots and leaves, vibrant and telling of new life. While it is still snow covered winter here, we have stalwart and serious greens, with the stamina to make it through difficult weather, such as the cool, frosted blues of the white spruce, almost black in shadow.

Against the blue of the sky, the spruce needles take on a brighter character.

The needles of the pine are a dark warm green, that catch light and sparkle in the sun, gracefully dancing.

The balsam fir has an upright character, its warm-colored greens spreading like fingers, and rich against the reddish branches.

Seen from a distance, pines, like many of the evergreens, look dark, black against the sky, sentinels in serious garb. The greens of winter have a weight and depth to them as they look to the lighter spring greens to come, and remind us that life still pulses throughout the woods


  1. You have certainly captured those winter greens and the blue of the sky in indeed heavenly. Glorious day! We made our way to Burlington and viewed the lake. Love the feel of the sun.

  2. Wasn't it a great day, Maggie! and now winter is blowing back in. Thanks for the comment.