December 17, 2012

A Walk in the Woods: Snow Caps

Yesterday, I drove home through weather, drizzle in Connecticut and Massachusetts, ice in southern Vermont––a reminder of how treacherous winter driving can be, with two cars overturned by the side of the road––changing to light snow farther north. I got home to a light coat on the ground, and this morning awoke to see surfaces covered by a wet snowy blanket, perfect for snowballs and snowmen, and perfect for clinging to surfaces on a windless day. In the woods, a cap of snow added another circle to the form of a sawn log, 

...while this little hat adds a touch of humor and animation to a small tree trunk.

A small white mound made a peaked hat of a pair of shelf mushrooms.

Soft oblongs were caught in the embrace of beech leaves.

Very different from a gentle hug, pine needles pierced a dollop of snow.

Snow was caught in various ways: in the curls of birch bark....

and between the twin trunks of a naked tree.

On the final ascent to my land, an old stone wall lines a ancient road, with snow creating patterns over the lichen covered rocks. As I approached home, a fine mist permeated the air, a sad reminder that winter still has a loose grip and that rain will return tomorrow.


  1. Love your organizing eye! Plus a treat to see snow, transitory as it is. We broke a record in Chicago: no snow here yet since March.

    1. Thank you, Julie. I sure hope we have a more wintry winter than last year. Wishing you a white Christmas.

  2. Beautiful moments of snow within nature's grip.

    1. Thanks, Cecilia; it is lovely to see how the snow transforms the woods.