September 19, 2013

The Colors of Early Fall

We've had several gorgeous days this week, when being outdoors is a joy; the air is mild and crystal clear, the sun bright, the insects are singing their late summer song, while birds on their way south fly hither and thither. And the color! although we still have 2 or 3 weeks until peak fall color with all its brilliant reds, early fall has its pleasures in subtler hues as leaves change from the deep green of summer to the yellow-greens or red-greens of early fall. The whole landscape takes on a warmer complexion. A maple tree begins to show red at the ends of its branches, like cool red-tipped flames.

Leaves are a mixture of reds and greens.

The forest floor has begun to be a colorful carpet underfoot as newly fallen leaves cover those browned and dried from last season.

Some plants are already showing vivid crimson, such as wild blackberries.

Although much more restrained in their color changes, ferns can be quite beautiful in golden yellows and browns.

At this time of year, you can be surprised by a haze of golden light, or a sparkle of red, behind a flickering mass of green.

Fall blooming asters are attracting the small sulfur butterflies which dance in the air in large numbers, alighting here and there to sup on flowers.

With the humidity of summer gone, the clear air allows deep views east to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

A couple of days ago I walked down to the village, photographing as I went. The light and color were exhilarating; and it was fun to see a mailbox anchored in an old milk can.

At a turn in the road before its final descent into the village, signs pointing the direction echo the yellows of leaves and road marking; electric lines emphasize the movement of space. It is a totally ordinary scene, and totally glorious. 

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