October 10, 2013

Autumn Pond

It was a gray still day on Saturday, the kind of day when the colors of fall are especially vivid. The dark sky, translated as a somber pond surface, provided a quiet backdrop to the bright reds and yellows of Filipendula rubra.

The reflection of yellowing birch leaves was nearly as crisp a reality as the floating fallen leaves.

A dark tree, with its leaves still clinging, hovered above yellowed leaves highlighted on dark water.

The seedhead of an Obedient plant is a bright crimson exclamation point, a cooler red than the warm red-oranges above.

Vivid greenish yellow pods of waterside irises are bursting open to show their seeds.

Finally, on a bright day a week before, autumn ferns glow against the blue of a reflected sky. Each kind of weather has its own variety of beauty; with November coming, with its bare trees and gray weather without the brightness of snow, I have to remember that something lovely can be found even on the dingiest of days.


  1. Wonderful pictures. Some of their pull comes fom how the reflections upend the natural forms.

    1. Thanks, Julie. I enjoyed taking these photos; the reflections were so clear that day.