October 15, 2013


August 16, 6:15 AM

The windows of my bedroom face east, with no shades or curtains to block the view. I wake early, so am immediately aware of the possibility of a beautiful sunrise, with light glowing behind the distant White Mountains. If the weather is mild, I grab my camera and head outdoors in bathrobe and slippers.

September 15, 6:22 AM, facing west 

Occasionally the most loveliest color is seen on clouds toward the west, here on a misty morning. 

September 20, 6:51 AM

 On the morning of September 20th the moisture in the air created a light so remarkably golden...

September 20, 6:54 AM

...that it seemed as though I'd entered a magical kingdom.

October 2, 6:53 AM

A layer of mist concealed the rising sun, which reddened the clouds above it, and touched the higher clouds with gold.

October 9, 7:19 AM

In the fall, there are often mists that hang over mountains near and far.

October 10, 6:51 AM

Sometimes there's a sunrise so dramatic that it reminds me of the paintings of the 19th century American painter Frederic Church. This is similar to the sky in his Twilight in the Wilderness.

October 15, 7:06 AM

This morning had a quieter grandeur, the sky orange and blue, the blue clouds tinged with red. I shared all these photos except this last one on Facebook, soon after I took them, but thought it would be nice to gather all the images in one blog post to show to those of you who haven't seen them before. The time and date of each photograph are stored in their data, a marvel of digital photography, so I can see the sunrise coming later as the season progresses, before the little jolt of the time change. I feel very lucky to have this view to the east, a marvelous vision of each new day.


  1. ahhh... so very lovely.

    As recompense for enforced bed rest this summer, I was given an eastward view over a lake & a low island. I was often awake before and during sunrise, the first time in my life I'd had an extended time to see sunrises over a low horizon. And the eastern sky during sunset and moonrise, too. Some good poetry came of it.

    1. Thank you Leigh, for your lovely appreciation. How wonderful that something so positive came from your being abed.

  2. Remarkable Altoon... the moisture in the air making a golden mist is ravishing...sigh! These sunrises are incentive for a night owl person to get up early. :)

  3. Thanks for the nice comments, Valerianna and Holly. Several people have commented in other places as to how much they miss by being late risers....but there's always sunset.

  4. I love the light at the beginnings and endings of days! I look over woods and pond and can't see as much sky as you, so these views are a treat.