November 14, 2013

A Walk in the Woods: Early Winter Patterns

The cold weather of the past few days has kept a thin coat of snow here and there in the woods, thin enough to highlight forms rather than obliterate them. On the path, fallen leaves are floating in white, looking like marks of an active brush, reminding me of all-over abstract painting, such as that of Milton Resnick or Mark Tobey.

A more linear pattern is established by the thin fruiting bodies of moss rising above the icy snow.

I become somehow more aware of the pattern of green ferns as I see them partially hidden by white.

Snow has been caught in depressions of bark on a fallen tree, white lines like foam on the sea.

White marks of emphasis are plopped on circular shelves.

A downward sweep of snow is repeating the pattern of green lichen, brushed on the bark.

On a muddy part of the path, ice has formed, delicate as lace, held above the now sunken ground.

A bushy mop of moss seems held in place by a flat cap of snow.

The sparkle of snowy granules repeat the shape and brightness of the tiny spheres of slime mold, each highlighting the other. Snow brings a new way of seeing the world.


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    1. thanks, Connie. I enjoy going on my little treasure hunts for images.

  2. Altoon, you are a wonder! I can't tell you the vicarious pleasure I get from scrolling through these photos and your vivid, playful text, from L.A. You remind us that beauty is all around, if only we foster the silence, solitude and heart to see it...thank you for giving us so much, day after day....

    1. Heather, I'm so pleased that you enjoy my little discoveries. Today, they were all gone, victims of warmer weather.

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    1. Thank you, Ravenna. I feel that I've been getting better as a photographer over the past couple of years, but sometimes the subject matter simply inspires.

  4. I woke up this am to write a note to my male cousin who is an jewelry artist with whom I recently reconnected with after 50 years! I wanted to write the note on a favorite of these beautiful fruit notecards I found in Vt a few years back, but I cannot pull myself to write on it! It is entitled NECTARINES 2004, and this am it lured me into trying to find out more on the internet…WOW! Your breathtaking photos with captions are as captivating as the fruit notecards that evoke such warmth and simple beauty every time I look at them. I just felt like I was in Vermont this AM, right there, examining the fresh new snow, which is so comforting, because I fell in love with that state a few years back and visit the Northeast Kingdom every chance I get…Vermont is in my veins like the maple syrup that runs through the trees there…Your page is an exciting discovery! Thank you!

    1. pamela, I'm glad you enjoyed finding this blog; welcome!