November 4, 2013

An Interview

An interview with me was just published in the online journal Figure/Ground Communication. I am very grateful to the artist Jeff Hogue for being interested enough in my work to want to question me about it and about my early years as an artist; also to the artist Julia Schwartz, the editor of the artist interview series, who agreed to publish it. For those of you who are long time followers of this blog, much of what I say will be familiar, though stated differently, but you might be interested in my description of my life in NYC as a young artist. Here again is the link. Thanks in advance for taking a look.


  1. This interview is interesting. You are multi-dimensional.

  2. What a lot of food for thought - as it should be after so many years' work. I am moved by your measured approach to the work, and how you describe your thinking. I am so pleased that you do have a blog, because it gives me great pleasure to see your works and their development. Reading your posts is rather like a quiet meditation in the middle of this visually cacophonous medium. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much, Olga, for your appreciative response.