December 13, 2013

Small Incidents on Snow

When there is a light coating of snow on the ground, many small weeds and grasses peek up above it, making delicate gestures that I find very touching. There are so many images here: the small death of winter, the purity of snow, the continued life of animals, the promise of a return in the browned stems.

Tiny seed heads emerge from mounds of snow.....

.....and seeds are scattered on the white, perhaps to take root when the ground thaws.

A beautiful little cone forms around a short stem.

Marks on the snow come from a rolling ball, from fallen ice.

And a pattern of tiny feet moves from house to car to barn and back.

Another creature, a woodpecker, leaves a scattering of chips from its work above. So many things happening, small and inconsequential, but lovely to notice.

Lastly, beneath the snow, the rivulet in the lower field still runs, not yet frozen into its winter sleep.


  1. Such interesting detail that you documented the scattered chips...evidence of action is often not obvious.

    1. Julie, with the large woodpeckers, there's always an accumulation of wood chips beneath the tree, sometimes a big pile. It was fun to see the wood scattered on the snow.

  2. Wonderful images, Altoon. I can't wait to take a look at our fresh snow tomorrow morning!

    1. Thanks, Lauren. There's so much snow out there this morning that there are very few little things showing above it.