May 6, 2011

New Life: From Eggs to Tiny Tadpoles

The vigorously calling frogs that I recorded a couple of weeks ago at my pond (see this post) were very busy procreating, laying huge masses of eggs that floated on the surface of the water.

The eggs that were fertilized were clear and contained little dark beings, curved within their shelter.

After the rains of recent days, only a few masses of eggs were left, hugging the shore. Just five days were enough for the teeny creatures to begin to swim and move about. They are less than a half inch long, but we can already see a swelling of the head, which will eventually get much larger; legs will develop and the tail will disappear as they grow into their frog form. It's wonderful to watch this growth process; I feel almost like a proud godmother, even though I realize that most of these vulnerable beings will not make it to maturity. I couldn't resist adding a very short video because the sight of their wriggling about, breaking free of their nurturing egg and entering their wider world, is simply life affirming.


  1. What fun to live close enough to water to watch such a ritual of life.

  2. It is a treat, Lisa. And it's so pleasurable to just sit on a bench and look at the water, with the koi swimming around. I get just as happy when I see new little fish in the pond.