May 16, 2011

A New Textile: "Green Diamond"

Green Diamond, hand dyed wool on linen, 10 x 10 inches.

I've now finished Green Diamond, the second work of a pair with Red Diamond, which I wrote about here. I mixed a greenish yellow dye along with a warm grayish green for the center panel, colors that are a bit subdued in order to work with the grayish reds of Red Diamond. In this image, the central "path" is larger and widens toward the top. And, something I did not at all notice until it was done, the lines of hooking in the triangular sections move downward, while they move upward in Red Diamond, and this makes an interesting contrast.

Below you can see the two pieces hung together in the studio, and you can click on the image to enlarge. I'm pretty happy with how they work together, and look as though they are nodding and tilting a little toward each other.

And here's a photo of the textiles on my studio wall along with some paintings. I sometimes worry how the small paintings will work alongside the much larger textiles, but I think that their precision and illusionistic form hold their own with the softer textures of the hooked wool.


  1. i am i dont know the word -- grateful? -- for the beautiful cool calm intense dark green path moving through the haughty dun meadow -- sometimes certain colors and shapes are just physically so moving.......

  2. thank you so much, sg; you've given me a gift in your appreciation.

  3. I envision an entire wall full of a mixture of many, many more of both the paintings and fabric works!

  4. thanks, Adrienne, that would be great.

  5. These are so dynamic and humanly-made, they delight me! I like how they shake up the other work on the wall.

  6. thank you Julie. I love the idea of the textiles shaking things up; making them has certainly changed my painting.