February 29, 2012

A New Textile: "Empty Center: Blue/Green"

Empty Center: Blue/Green, hand dyed wool on linen, 9 x 9 in. 

The fourth in my series of Empty Center themed textiles is complete, and it feels very minty to me, with a light coolness of color, reminding me of pistachio ice cream. Like Empty Center: Blue/Brown, which you can see below, there are two small shapes across the blank expanse (well, I know it's not blank, but it's devoid of clear shape). Like in the previous work, the shapes are engaged with each other. The more aggressive form of the green rectangle could make it seem as though it's about to launch into space, with the blue triangle as target. Or is it passively waiting for the blue to arrive and cap its energy? However we read it, the two shapes activate the space between.

You can see the subtle color variations in this detail. I dropped very dilute amounts of blue and green dyes onto fabric scrunched in a pan to get this effect. Below are the four pieces that I've competed in this series. I plan to do more, but not now; I have lots of other ideas I want to explore and other series to extend.


  1. I like how this piece integrates the bottom right weaving into the composition, energy and balance of the whole. The minty field a very compelling aspect for me.

  2. these 4 together are marvelous! this newest one for me has a strong invisible talk-bubble in the center, shared by both corners, full of chatter - though I wouldn't want to have to confine through words what's being said...

  3. Thank you, Julie and rappel, for the positive and interesting comments.

  4. This whimsical quad is looking so lovely altogether, as if they were meant for each other's company.

    1. thanks, Mona. I'm glad you and rappel like the group of four; it encourages me to continue with the series.