February 14, 2012

Winter Light: Shapes

The low light of winter, which reaches far into rooms, encourages me to see the objects in my home afresh; it frames and highlights the often overlooked. Since today is Valentine's Day, I thought I'd begin this post with a sculpture of a heart, but not the iconic of the day; this is a Sacred Heart, given to me by a Latina student years ago. Its organic shape is held between geometric lines of shadow.

 A round red bowl sits on the flat planes of a table, all in golden light.

A horizontal and vertical support a reflective volume.


On plaster, rectangles; on wood, a curve; shadows cast from window and shelf.

A dark diagonal moves across the scarred plane, on one side and then the other of circles marking a table's construction.

Rectangles: light glances across the uneven hand planed surface.

The swooping curve of a pitcher sinks into darkness, its curved handle bright in shadow and in light. The fullness of form is flattened in its shadow, an abstraction that could refer to many things. For this "Winter Light" series I find myself drawn more and more to simple, abstract compositions, moving away from particular things and towards mystery.

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  1. gee, thanks so much, R Henry and Mark.

  2. It is most relaxing to view these abstract images. They pull one into the view. That heart is a little too real to me. Sort of scary. I am glad you explained it's origin.

  3. i love that long winter sun. my favorites are the horizontal vertical (pink leg!) and the one after it.

  4. I especially love the fourth one, the shelf-curve shadow, the
    olive-toned plaster!

  5. Exquisite! Plus a treat for this Midwestern to see all that weathered wood tenderly rendered by light.

  6. Thank you all so much. When I do this more abstracted photo work I'm not sure how it'll be received, so I really appreciate the positive comments.