June 1, 2013

A Walk in the Woods: Early Morning Light

The first of June: long days, light waking me in my east-facing bedroom at 4:30-5 AM; hot days, more like mid-July. So I promised myself that I'd get an early start today, go for a walk before breakfast, and work in the garden while the day was cooler. I stepped into the woods at 6 AM, and looking back toward the house, saw the low sun casting dramatic passages of light across the low foliage and forest floor.

The sun picked out ferns and leaves, casting them in a kind of spotlight.

The light crossing the path was of a golden hue, a deep reddish yellow. Being enveloped in this light so different from that of midday, passing from dark to light, seeing the highlighting of trees or foliage, was a beautiful experience, and exciting because so new for me. Why hadn't I kicked myself out of the house early before today?

The cast shadows on trees were gentle, as the sun wasn't at its full strength, while the light was warm, not the cool light of a higher sun.

Coming out into a clearing, the edges of tree trunks also caught that warm light.

Nearby hills seemed distant, almost hidden by the warm moist air.

Before the woods close in again, there were brightly textured ferns alongside dew spattered grass, sparking in the early morning light. I'm going to try to overcome my tendency to putter around the house, and get out to enjoy the light and the coolness of summer early mornings.

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