August 29, 2014

Color Shifts

The woodland path is already dotted with bright, fallen color.

Looking up for its source, I see a branch of red-orange among the still-green.

The greens predominate, but they've warmed from the cool bright greens of spring and early summer.

The color show begins in early August when the Burning Bush, Euonymus compacta, is tinted red; in another month it will be a flaming crimson.

Ferns are turning gold and brown, with delicate patterns on their fronds.

The leaves and stems of loosestrife (sterile) are now as bright as its flowers were.

Fruit of the rosa rugosa show brilliantly round and glossy. All these color signs, like those of seedheads, announce the end of summer and the coming blaze of fall, before winter's white and gray.


  1. Lovely fall colors. It won't be long and we will have blankets of these colors.

  2. That rose hip looks good enough to pluck and eat!

  3. Thanks for the comments, Lisa and Ms.Wis. Each day the color moves more towards red/orange.
    I do munch on the rose hips once they become a deep red and a little soft; they're delicious.