January 27, 2010

Beginning a New Painting: Triangle and Curves

The painting I've just begun, based on the gouache study above, is a bit larger than others I've done recently, at 14 x 22 inches. It also is more spacially complex; rather than an essentially flat vertical planar image, it moves in curves toward the picture plane, with a deep canyon between, and moves back in space along a flat surface broken by a green triangle. I'm of two minds about this complexity: I do like the composition, with the round and the flat, the red and its complement green, the hard metal and flexible tarp, the two bolts as shiny "eyes"; but I also feel myself yearning towards greater simplicity, as in my ruglets. I'll enjoy working on this painting, but will be thinking a great deal about where I am going.


  1. that pink, that green, that red - these three have so many art historical resonances it's delicious. aimee phillips, guston, matisse to name off the top of my head. I just took a scroll through your art history posts via the label, what a trove of references you're put together!

  2. Love the initial sketch, so free, but like where you are taking it also. Wonderful compliment of colors.

  3. thanks for the nice words on this beginning, always welcome and helpful for cheering me on to the hard work ahead.