January 3, 2010

Drifting Snow

The snow is piling up against window and door today, as the wind blows it into graceful drifts. Although the forecast was for 8 - 16 inches, there's only a light snowfall that is being blown sideways by the strong winds. It's not a day for venturing out, and I'm happy to be indoors working, and gazing through windows at the storm.


  1. The snow is so beautiful, isn't it? It's snowing here in Arkansas, too, although not as much as in Vermont. Snow rarely happens here, so I am totally enjoying it while I can.

  2. hi J.R., I just came in from shoveling the snow from porch and path. We didn't get nearly as much snow as predicted because, as the weatherman explained this morning, we were in a snow shadow. But because I"m on a very windy hill, the snow always piles up on a little slope on the way to my car, so still lots of shoveling.

  3. That looks like vanilla creme in the first photo — luscious. Especially since I am not the one who has to shovel!