January 29, 2010

"Pink Triangles" in Progress

I started working on this ruglet from the triangle on the upper left, then continued into the broad black-ish shape. After the design is made, the wool dyed––and you can see that the black is quite varied in color, with browns and greens interspersed with the darker blacks––the next main decision is the direction of the hooking. I hooked the triangle in lines parallel to its edges, going around from the outside around and around until the shape was filled. This gives a feeling of solidity to the form, an illusion of the intense pink triangle being a thing. Contrasted with this closure are the open-ended lines of black, moving across the canvas. What I hope this will do, in the finished piece, is turn the leftover corners into forms that will balance the large mass of black, flipping positive space to negative, and back, not allowing spacial certainty.


  1. Altoon, this is one of my favorite ruglets on your
    site. I keep coming back to it for the surprise.
    No matter how many times I see the pink triangle
    I remain convinced that this was absolutely the right move and the most daring one you could make.