March 18, 2010

Blue Sweep

Here is Blue Sweep, finished. A couple of readers commented that this piece is different from other ruglets I've done; I think it's only partly because it is an odd shaped diptych––I've done other multi-part shaped works before––but it is one of the rare times I've attempted to use a change in color and value to give an illusion of three dimensional form. I like the result, so will certainly give illusionism another try in the future.

I hung Blue Sweep on a small triangular wall above the door into my bedroom:


  1. these are delightful! they're not compositions but 'simple' independent objects in their own right. interesting to me how this illuminates a significant difference between an object and a composition (which of course is also an object) - . this doesn't mean I can articulate the difference, it just means I can contemplate it newly.

  2. I'm glad you like this piece, rappel. and you highlight an interesting point about it, the object/composition difference, which I hadn't thought about clearly at all. After reading your comment, I remembered Richard Tuttle's large work "Letters (the Twenty-Six Series), using shapes loosely based on the alphabet. The separate pieces are objects which then together make a flexible composition.

  3. How fascinating Altoon
    - I love the aspects of your house that you reveal here and that witches window...and this hallway. Your work looks stunning here.
    Interesting choice of colour and form and quite a departure form the other ones I have seen.
    Your visit this morning to Homage got my mind working on a certain tangent... I left a message for you there... re possible doing a post on the connection between studio and garden for you. In the next month I am flat out with a show and posting up on the seed bank work and Bot Garden themes and such things. But come May I would love to feature artists with stories relating to seeds from around the globe.

    Would love you to be first of those if this of interest to you. My main aim is to bring life to the humble seed - to help people see with fresh eyes...and in many different ways - all kinds of stories. The art ones are important as they hold the interest of visitors.
    enjoy your weekend!