March 27, 2010

Swelling Buds

After a mild month, March has turned quite chilly, slowing the rapid turn toward spring. The robins didn't seem to mind the temperatures in the 20s yesterday; a large flock arrived and happily hopped and pecked around the lawn and gardens. The buds of the early flowering tiny shrub, Daphne, are enlarging in pinkish purple dabs of color. The flowers have a remarkably sweet penetrating scent, the first intense beautiful perfume of spring.

This afternoon I'm heading down to an opening at the Brattleboro Museum; I have a few works in an exhibit "Contemporary Masters of Egg Tempera". Then I'll be driving to NYC to spend Passover with my family. I'm looking forward to going south where spring is several weeks ahead; daffodils will be brightening the small gardens of Brooklyn.


  1. Love this image Altoon!
    Had a visit to the Museum website and enjoyed seeing the work on thei flickr link! Fabulous work and I wish you very well with this show. Still contemplating the yellow works that I commented on last night after being busy of late and just getting around to visit!
    Enjoy your family gathering for Passover and the NY visit and warmer days!

  2. Have a joyful Passover, Altoon! I hope you don't miss the Daphne. I think you're a bit ahead of us, but I'll have to go check ours -- I used to have it in the garden, but now it's just in the woods where the birds planted it. That's one of the sweetest smells in the world.