March 24, 2010


This morning, when I looked out the window, an "oh, no" sinking feeling: the ground was covered with a light dusting of snow and the rain of yesterday (very welcome, by the way) had turned to snow flurries. I could hear the wind roaring and saw the trees and shrubs whipped around by its force. The greens, as the daylilies above, are surrounded and dusted by granules of white; the irises seem to shiver under the light blanket. Such is spring in Vermont.


  1. What an odd spring it's been everywhere.....We are almost a month ahead of normal.........I'm not complaining........

  2. the top photo is, to me, such a quintessential spring picture, raw pleasure and pain, hard and soft, backward and forward - solemn in the sense of religious holidays - ( I mean the pre-chocolate bunny & chick parade variety) - the rock, the green shoots and the snow - timeless symbols.

  3. Susan, it was abnormally warm here too for most of March, and now it's very cold. This changeability is not unusual for Vermont.

    rappel, what an interesting view of that photo. It makes me think of King Lear, which I just read again, with suffering, often self-inflicted, leading to understanding. Resilience, life, death, your "timeless symbols".