June 28, 2010

Hoses: Two New Paintings

Red and Black Hose, egg tempera on vellum, 5 x 5 inches

I thought I'd show these two new paintings together since they share a theme of the cylindrical volume of hoses. In the case of Red and Black Hose, the length is broken up by black curves that circle the form like tight belts holding in the bulges of red. The long black forms alongside the deep black of the lozenge are sleek and shiny, slithery fish on a shelf. In both paintings I enjoy the way the rounded volumes push against, or in front of, flat forms, trying to make a real place for themselves in a fictional world.

Lozenge and Hose, egg tempera on vellum, 3 x 6 inches

1 comment:

  1. I missed this post (being on vacation) but now I can't resist saying how much fun these are, yes, fun - cartoonic, abstract, surprising. and particularly not photographic. visually stimulating images.