June 22, 2010

"Up Down" in Progress

I've been chugging right along with this project––straight line hooking is faster than curved––and have completed 2 of the 4 panels, the right and left with a center one still to come, along with a small square. (To see the sketch, and the dyed wool, go to this post.) After dyeing the wool in a large pan by dropping color on it, I was curious as to how it would look when hooked. The answer for me is that is has something of an appearance of tesserae, the small tiles used to make mosaics. Usually when I use spot-dye wool, I hook it randomly, making large color patterns (for instance, see the upper part of this ruglet Tiles); this time, hooking in regular horizontal lines has emphasized the color shifts with occasional dark accents, which makes each loop read as an individual element within a whole.


  1. these look quite a bit like graphs (!) - which I don't recall seeing before in your rugglets, but they're also (at a little distance) shimmering like the surface of a reflecting pond...

  2. Graphs! of course; I hadn't thought of that, but they are perfect bar graphs, tracking income, approval, number of books read this year or last. Reflective water is nice too; thanks!