June 19, 2010


Peonies are a celebration, an excess of petals, fragrance, form. They are grande dames and coquettes, as beautiful in the garden as in a vase. I have long called them my favorite flower, but since I've become more intimate, through my camera, with all the flowers of garden, field and forest, I'm less inclined to prioritize; I'll just say that I adore them.


  1. "I'll just say that I adore them," is the perfect way to describe something or someone you do in fact adore. Flowers receive all our accolades just for being and rightly so. I also adore walking down the street talking about art and its meaning at the risk of not seeing those beautiful flowers, but that other will point them out. Not to worry.


  2. Thanks for the lovely comment, Myrna. A pleasant thought: sitting in the garden alongside the peonies, talking art with a friend.

  3. I have three huge bouquets ... a white, a pink and a red ... scenting the whole house. They are gorgeous in every stage from bud to full bloom to aging gracefully.