October 24, 2010

A New Hooked Rug: "Standing Circle", along with a new project

Standing Circle, hand-dyed wool on linen, 9 x 11 inches

Here is the latest in the series of works with two forms/one moving out from the frame. It feels very different to me in mood from the two previous, more static, serious, classic. A circle spins, but remains in place, while the triangles zip outward.

After trying hanging the three works in different configurations, I found that this one worked, with Standing Circle slightly apart, as if an old uncle, adding weight to the flightiness of the youngsters.

This is the thumbnail for the 4th of the series, which I've named Floating Oval.

It took me a while to work out the size and shape of the oval, so that it would balance with the trapezoid (I had to look up the name of this four-sided shape). I drew the oval freehand with the help of measuring parallel lines from the center. Of course when the work is done it's unlikely the oval will be anywhere close to perfect.

And here is the piece started. You can see that the colors are lighter than in the thumbnail sketch, as were all the others. I decided that in keeping with the mid-tones of the other works, I wouldn't make this very dark, but maybe the yellow will look too light. I suppose we'll see when it's all finished.


  1. the three together - a sense of play even with the serious blue eyeball watching...

  2. a nice image of the 'blue eyeball'. thanks.