October 25, 2010

A Walk in the Woods: The Colors of Beeches

Most of the leaves have fallen, but beech trees, late to the show, are still adding color to the autumn woods. They begin as green turning to gold

and deepen to dusky reds

which catch the light and glow like tiny lanterns brightening the spaces between the tall dark cylinders of bark.

The leaves will turn a warm brown, then begin to dry, as many have already. They hang onto their branches into the winter months, a brittle memory of summer.


  1. You are so lucky to live by the woods. And we are so lucky to get your experience of that.
    Did you notice the wonderful connection between the beech photos and your painting at the top right of your blog?

  2. I sure am lucky. And yes, I did see the color connection when I looked at the post: very similar ranges of warm and cool greens.

  3. I love how the trunks stand out with the gold background.

  4. Am I missing the beech turning? Great photos and color transition. The cottonwoods are yellow in AZ. There is fall here too.

  5. hi Linda, the dark trunks do look dramatic in the back lighting.

    Maggie, the beeches are moving quickly to their brownish coloration, but in areas are still gold and red, so you may catch some on your return.