December 13, 2010

A New Hooked Rug: "Three Red Circles"

Three Red Circles, hand-dyed wool on linen, 11 x 14 inches.

The three overlapping circles lie––spin?––on a dark field, bursting out of bounds. As with several other recent pieces, which you can see here, I'm taking advantage of the characteristics of the medium of rug hooking to make irregular shapes, which is quite easy with wool and linen backing. The lighter red color of the smallest circle was something of a surprise when I'd hooked the wool; the dyed wool fabric looked to be more gradual in its color transitions. I don't think I mind, though, since the lighter color gives a jump to the hip hop of the preceding colors. Any thoughts would be welcome.

I photographed this piece on a poorly lit wall in the studio, along with 12 inch square paintings on the left and some hooked wool sketches on the right. Did the same artist make all these?


  1. makes me smile. I dont know why it reminds me of toast popping out of a toaster - toast isn't round and comes in pairs - oh, english muffins.

  2. It's nice to cause a giggle. I like the toast popping image; another friend suggested peonies in a vase.