March 25, 2014

In a Too-Long Winter, Searching for Beauty

I have to admit to being very cranky lately with the never-ending cold and wind, and the deep snow still covering the ground. I have felt fed up with winter photographs; I want to start documenting the awakenings of spring, but unfortunately will have to be patient. Today, when I noticed the little bit of ice hanging from a honeysuckle vine, looking like a perfect tiny boot, I was amused and cheered; so I was determined to find other moments of interest, even of beauty, in a winter that has overstayed its welcome. 

Ice hovers in delicate lacy patterns above the granite steps.

Sometimes a fragile shape seems a sculpted map of a strange continent. 

Light-filled ice and heavy granite sparkling with sun-catching water share a similar texture, while divided by a deep dark.

The ice has been acted on by sun and wind and water dropping from the roof; the resulting forms are varied and complex.

Sometimes small shapes rise up within a sheltered hollow.

A form as long and thin as a needle is somehow formed and somehow survives the changing weather.

Layers of ice-covered snow, like a fluffy crinoline, glisten in the half light. All these incidents are small and easily overlooked, so I'm happy that the little icy boot encouraged me to take some delight in the lingering winter.


  1. We are all having a bout with cabin fever. I love that first photo. It looks as if a fairy has lost one of it's boots to winter as it is encased in ice.

    1. hi Lisa, we are finally having some spring weather: I just came in from starting my pruning chores on the apple trees; the temperature is in the mid 40s with no wind; delightful.