March 20, 2014

It's the First Day of Spring; Oh! Where is Spring?

Today is the first official day of Spring, which arrived in this part of the world at 12:57 PM. The weather, though, doesn't seem to have gotten the message, instead depositing a fresh few inches of snow on the ground overnight into this morning. The hydrangeas on the eastern side of the house are nearly covered with recent snows.

 Icicles hang from the hydrangea at the front door.

Geometric patterns of mat and floorboards are enhanced by the morning snow.

 Looking out from my kitchen window I see a mound of snow rising almost to window height.

A subtle sign of spring in the woods is the circle of diminished snow around the warming tree trunks.

And to remind me that spring will certainly come one day––I hope not too far in the future––the green seedlings of leeks and onions are growing under lights; they'll be ready to plant in the ground sometime in May once the snow is gone and the ground a bit warmed. It may be later than usual because under the two feet of snow the ground is probably frozen quite deep, but the thaw will inevitably come and spring will be sweeter and more precious after this long, cold winter.


  1. You poor girl. I won't complain about our long winter to you. We had a perfect day here for the first day of spring. It was almost 60F and the sun was out all day. I hope you soon have one of these lovely days.

    1. Lucky you, Lisa. Today is cold and blustery, more snow is coming tomorrow, and it will be only in the 20s and 30s for the next week. boo-hoo!