November 25, 2009


The wild turkey population in Vermont has rebounded robustly. I see flocks of turkeys all the time, marching and pecking their way across the fields and woods in a very entertaining (to me) fashion. They're also quite wary birds, and fly off quickly when feeling threatened; this led to a lousy photo shot from indoors. But I wanted to have a tribute to the "pardoned" wild birds, native to America, which in their domesticated version have become the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving tables.

I wish you all a wonderful day, a bounty of friends and family and good food.


  1. are they feasting on the last of your vegetables?

  2. no, I don't think they care for vegetables. They're after insects.

  3. Don't you love wild creatures! How can we then eat them? I enclose a poem for Thanksgiving which I sent to the President but don't expect a reply(!)

    Pardon Speech at the White House

    O Turkeys, beautiful and brave,
    this is to be your loyal grave,
    and for our sins we sacrifice
    your bodies to our annual vice.

    We let you roam and grow so fat
    in regal splendor, just so that
    when we are happy, gratitude
    drowns out our excess amplitude.

    To God Almighty we give thanks,
    and eat all day not fish nor franks,
    but fattened turkey meat like you,
    once strutting with your feathered crew,

    which now comes slaughtered, roasted, basted,
    rich in gravy, nothing wasted,
    carved and served on platters then
    with cranberries and an 'Amen!'

    But Thou, O Turkey on the Lawn,
    we spare you as your lot is drawn;
    successfully your god has pleaded
    with God of Man that you be needed

    to survive another year ----
    proof that we with secret fear
    think we'll be labeled cruel and savage
    inhuman, evil; and may ravage

    Nature God created for
    the finch and flower, boy or boar,
    which we act out with thoughtless glee
    each Thanksgiving, except for thee

    who tells the world our hearts are kind
    and we pour love on all mankind,
    so Innocent one, we are nice
    and spare you from our sacrifice.


    LRH 11.22.09

    To Altoon, Happy Thanksgiving!
    Linda in LA

  4. Hi Altoon, we spoke of turkey being the bird to represent US...would we be a different country with turkey as our emblem? We also admired our Vt cranberries, thinking of those from the cape at the first thanksgiving. We are feeling thankful here and hope Thanksgiving is with you also.